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Situation: On H1-B since Oct’06. Got I-140 approved in 2011 with Sep-2011 priority date (Indian EB-2). In 2017, I left that employer. I’ve changed two employers since then using the I-140 approved in 2011. But I never started the PERM with new employers for different reasons (including slow movement in the priority dates, one-year wait time to start GC, poor work environment). My current H1-B is valid till June 2023 and the current employer is planning to start the PERM in 4 weeks. I just accepted an offer with a v.good employer. The lawyer from the new employer says that I’ll get only 1 year of H1-B with validity until Jan-2023 as my priority date is now current. The new employer also says that it will start the PERM process on day-1. Since PERM can take more than 12 months, the new employer might not be able to file I-485 before my new H1-B expires in one year. Q1: If I join the new employer with 1-year H1-B validity, is there any possibility my H1-B renewal after one-year will not be approved for another year as I’ll not have I-485 filed by then? Q2: My current employer’s PERM process will start but will not be over before I resign. But will it help my case in future?

User's Location: West Chester, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card