I am currently enrolled in an advanced degree programme with 2 years left to complete in my home country. My partner has been offered a job role in the US under the L1 visa. Would it be better for me to undergo the visa application alongside his (by his company) or apply for L2 separately upon completing my studies (after 2 yrs)? If yes and no, why so? If I do apply alongside him : 1. Will I be able to extend my L2 visa along with my partner (L1) if I am not physically in the US during the extension application? I may be in my home country for studies, but will be able to travel back and forth for a few months each year. 2. Do I need to be in the US for a certain period of time before being allowed/granted an extension of the L2 visa status? 3. Is there a limit on the duration I can be away from the US (and back in my home country) during the term of my L2 visa? 4. Should my partner (L1) decide to change their visa to a green card (via company application), does it allow me to apply for the same or something similar? If I can't, what happens to my visa status? 5. How long do I need to stay in the US upon initial entry before I can leave/travel out of the US?

User's Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Category: Employment-based Green Card