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Details: Approved I-140 (Priority date Aug 11th 2010 (EB2 - Filled by current employer). EAD Approved date August 3rd 2021. EAD Valid from 08/02/2021 through 08/01/2023). I-485 (USICS Received date OCT 30th 2020, Current status "Fingerprints Were Taken"). (Biometrics done in April 2021, Medicals NOT submitted with I-485)…. Waiting for MEDICAL RFE… I have a job offer from different employer 1.6X salary with similar job profile. Planning to Change the employer……. Questions:……… New Employer is ready for H1B transfer, (I am not planning to Switch on EAD). I will join them after H1 transfer is approved……. (1) When should I file 485J for new employer?........ (2) Will filing new 485J delay my GC? If yes my how much time?......... (3) What if I get RFE on I-485 before I join the new Employer? (after I resign old Employer & before I join new Employer)...... Can we reply RFE after joining New employer, along with 485J ?....... (4)Other option is to switch to new employer after getting GC. I have been with current employer (who is processing my GC) from Last 12+ years. How soon can I switch new employer after GC. What do you recommend, switch employer on H1B or Switch soon after GC?

User's Location: Atlanta, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card