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Our Green Card application is sponsored by my husband's employer (i485 applied on 10/28/2020). Priority Date is 04/08/2018. My husband (primary) had to travel to India unfortunately due to his father's demise on 04/11. After he left, we recieved our biomteric appointment for i765 (GC EAD) and Advance Parole. Me and my son submitted our biometrics but my husband could not. On 07/31, i recieved my Green Card EAD. We have also recieved the RFE for medicals(i-639) on 04/17 which was submitted for myself and my son. My husband is stuck in India due to covid situation and will be back approximately by mid of October. His employer attorney are preparing to ask for RFE extension as he was out of country due to the US Proclamation. Below are my questions: 1) Will our (me and my son's) applications be approved ? ( I did call USCIS and they say that all 485 applications are considered as separate applications and should be processed independently.) 2) Do you know if my husband will be provided with an extension for RFE submission ?

User's Location: Redmond, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card