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Hi, Thanks for checking my query . My Info: Eb2 - I-140 Priority date : Feb 15, 2014. Current Visa: H1b Visa Validity : until September 2022. Passport stamping validity : Sep 2021. As per September 2021 Visa bulletin, my employer & attorney accepted me to process for Eb2 to Eb3 downgrade. However I am planning out of country / international travel sometime along with family in next 3 to 6 months and might stay out of country(USA) for few months (stamping process / family work). However I have own house in USA and I use same address which filed documents. Here are my questions. 1. Can I file the "Adjustment of Status" inside the United States or Outside of USA ?. because of my travel plan to stay few months out of country. I have 2 years visa validity. 2. Please let me know the drawback if I choose "'Consular Processing' for 'Adjustment of status". 2. If me or my dependant can't travel back into USA (if any stamping issue ), Is it possible to change the 'Adjustment of status" into 'Consular Processing' into my foreign country later months/years. Thank You.

User's Location: Edison, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card