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Emp A applied for I140 with March 2015 date and withdrew my petition when i left company .Been more than 180 days after approval with Emp A . Currently with employer B who is about to start PERMM processing 1) Emp A filed with SOC 15-1132 while Employer B is filing with 15-1199 .Any issues with retaining priority date due to change in SOC code 2) Emp B says although i am eligible for EB2 ,the position i applied qualifies for only EB3 since only 3 years exp is required . Not sure what would put me to EB2 trying to get more details from employer So In future if EB2 becomes current what are the steps to upgrade to EB2 from EB3 3) I have H1 ext in aug 2022 (11+Years) .If my PERMM and I 140 not approved with EMP B will it impact my H1 renewal or my WIFE's H4 EAD renewal since Emp A withdrew my I-140 4) What would be your recommendation to stay with EB3 or any chances EB2 might start moving

User's Location: Fort Mill, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card