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Hi, I am filing my 485 under H1B EB3 india, my priority date is January 2012. I have my birth certificate but for my wife I don't have her birth certificate. Getting the certificate now is tedious process in India and it can take lot of time. Is there any other alternate like affidavit signed by her parents or aunt? If so what should be the format? I have her Educational certificate with her date of birth on it, and can show as secondary proof. 2)Can I submit my medical along with my 485 , my employer is telling no need of submitting medical that can be submitted once the USCIS asks. But my worry is once they ask. then it will take some more time to get the medical and it may delay in getting my Green card. Please advice me on this. 3) How much time it would take approximately to get Green card. I think I will be issued green card directly and no EAD, As the date is current? Thank you Sridhar

User's Location: Dallas, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card