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My h1b extenstion (I-129) was filed on 4/19/2021. My I-485 application was approved on 5/21/2021 and received Greencard on 6/2/2021 (priority date Dec 2009). My employer did not withdraw my pending H1b/I-129 nonimmigrant application after I received Greencard, and on 6/21/2021, I-129 non-immigrant application was "approved". I was expecting my I-129 to be deined my as 485 application was already approved and I received Greencard. Questions: - Does non-immigrant I-129 application approval after 485 approval/Greencard cause any issues? - Does this needs to be informed to USCIS as I129 approval after 485 approval seems as error to me. - Any further actions needed from my end/employer?

User's Location: ELLICOTT CITY, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card