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Good Morning. I have applied I-485 in 2012 for me and my family. Now my date is current and got an RFE, USCIS is asking for updated information in Form G-325A. Seems USCIS has stopped taking separate Form G-325A since few years and new form is not available in USCIS website. Only form available in the website is "For Deferred Action" (Exp 2022). I found an old form exp 2017 in another website for Permanent resident application. Both are not accurate in my case, one is expired and other is for deferred action. My question is, 1) Which form should I use for seding biogrphic information, "For permanent Residence application" (exp 2017) or "For Deferred Action" (Exp 2022)? 2) Is there any other place to get more suitable Form G-325A for me. Is it allowed to manually modify the active available form in USCIS website, just remove the For Deferred Action sentence and add For permanent Residence application instead? Thank you.

User's Location: Atlanta, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card