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Dear Lawyers, During my H1B transfer from company A to company B. I got H1B approved for more than 6 years without I-140 approved and I did not stay outside USA for more than 25days in total. I should get my H1B approved till Sep 2022(6 year maxout time) however I received it till Dec 2023. these same exact validity dates as in LCA dates. did anyone get into this situation and what did you do/what are the actions you took. I am planning to get married soon in India. Will this affect H4 visa stamping by any chance for my spouse if I send her with the Dec 2023 H1B copy for visa stamping? Can I file another H1B amendment by changing client and location and get it back to normal Sep 2022 dates is it possible? And I have an old I-94 number on the H1B approval as well. And one last question: I have my home location in LCA address as well. If i change the client do i have to amendment even when i work from home. What are the steps that I should take now. Any insights/help/suggestion are highly appreciated.

User's Location: Irving, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card