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Hi, I have two work permits, One from the current employer who is sponsoring my 485 and another is TPS(Temporary Protected Status). It's been more then a year (filed on Jan 2020) that my 485 is pending and my i140 was approved on March 2020 (Regular). I got an oppurtunity from another employer (employer 2) who would like to work me with them on their W2. My current job is not that challenging as I have been working here for almost 3 years and I can handle another job too so I was wondering if I can take another job but using TPS-EAD while my 485 is pending with employer.1. If I take another job then I will have two w2 with two different employer and one of them is the one who is sponsoring my 485. My concern is that if the new job will have any effect on my pending 485? Would you recommend me to take new job on different EAD while my 485 is pending and I would like to let you know that porting (485-j) is not an option here as the new employer don't sponsor and the job is little different then the current one. Please let me know the legal concerns and possible problems that I might face from USCIS for taking 2nd job while 485 is pending.

User's Location: Eden Prairie, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card