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Hello 1) Got my i140(EB2) from company A with Priority Date FEB-2011 2) Moved out of company A in 2015 and joined company B 3) In 2016 company A got acquired by company C Appreciate it if you can answer the below questions 1) If I have an option to join company C, can they obtain my old i140 which was filed by company A? 2) I have a completed PWD from my current company and they are in the process of placing an Advertisement. if PERM is filed in July-2021 how much time do you think PERM will take to complete.? 3) Do you think PD FEB-2011 will become permanent this year? 4) If my PD Feb-2011 becomes current do you think it will stay current for long or they might retrogress the final action date to any day less than Feb-2011. 5) Reason for my question is, I am in a better designation and pay with my current company and trying to decide if it's better off to stay and get i140 with my current employer and hope the dates won't get retrogress by the time I get my i140. What would you suggest? 5) If it's a matter of 6 more months and I don't have to worry about dates retrogressing I would prefer to stay in my current company. Thanks

User's Location: San Jose, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card