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Greetings, (Eb2- Emplo.. based GC - Cross Chargeabelity) Im on F1-CPT and got my GC-EAD & Advance Payroll from Nov 2020. Im changing my payroll to GC-EAD from March 2021 and discontinuing my 3rd Masters. Im planning to go on Vacation to India in this April'2021 & need to return after 60days on GC-EAD(AP) and nervous if there will be any trouble while returning to US. background: 1) My spouse(married for 3 years) is not a US-C. But is on F2(F1 dependent) status & we are in adjustment of status from F1-GC in Cross Chargeabelity (concurrent filing) 2) My F1 visa expired in 2019. But maintaining status properly on F1-CPT with proper payrolls and taxations. 3) Done with my i-485 Biometrics in Dec 4'2020 & receipt status showing "case was updated to show fingure prints were taken". 4) i-140 approved - March 8'2021. - What are the documents I need to take with me, while returning back? - What are the chances for me to return safe to US? - What do I need to do if my port of Entry is denied? - what questions should I be prepared for port of entry? - Which Airlines and port of entry is prefered? - Should I reset my mobile/social Media to avoid additional questions in return? Thankyou.

User's Location: Myrtle, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card