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Dear Sir/Madam, This is regarding PERM application start filing I have more than 12 years of experience in US alone since 2008 and have total 10 years proper experience letters. new Job needs BS + 5 years or Masters + 1 year experience. I had few months overlapped emlpoyment with two H1B approved companies and worked (40 hours each) in 2014. In year 2015 I went out of country and came back with new stamping. My question is Can I list only one primary employer(3 years worked) in PERM application. I dont have any gap between employments Can I omit few months overlapped job? if I list this any confusion without start/end date? What is the mininum employment history needs for PERM application other than new employer job requirement? I heard PERM office care for last 5 years employment and GC time need 5 year employment history, is it true? Due to this omitting, is there any issue in during new PERM, I-140 and GC processing time? And one more question, Is there any problem during job change(visa transfer) if 3 weeks overlapped(Vacation, Sick leave, courtesy notice period) Regads Vishwa

User's Location: Los Angeles, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card