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Hello, Category: EB2 (India) Priory Date: 11-Jan-2010 I485 Filed Date: March 2012 I have changed my job to Employer B after 180 days of I485 filing started working on EAD (filed AC21), then eventually previous employer (Original Petitioner: Employer A) revoked I140 sine I was working with them, unfortunately USCIS erroneously denied my I485 even though I submitted AC21 portability(from Employer B). I applied MTR/Federal court appeal then got I485re-opened in around 5 weeks and started working again with Employer B (not maintained H1B, only through EAD). I am still working with same Employer B and renewed EAD/AP 4 times and travelled India few times with AP (No issues so far) . Now my priority date became current in March 2021 bulletin and expecting RFE since medicals expired and 485J. Would you see any issues with my I485 approvals (with initial denial bad experience) ? Hypothetical situation: If 485 gets denied (whatever reason), can I go back to original portioner (A) or current employer (B) to file H1B with cap exempt category ? These two above questions more on preparation for eventuality as I am at finish line (I485 approval) and don't have any fall back option (no H1B).

User's Location: Robbinsville, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card