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Hi Indu, I am currently working full time for my current employer and the company initiated GC PERM application processing, as part of it I was asked to submit documentation, while my previous employer which is a consultancy filed downgraded petition from EB2 to EB3 last October,2020 when dates moved and did concurrent filing of I140, I485(AOS) and I944, as I have approved I140 in EB2 with them with a PD of Feb, 2013. My question is, Will it be okay to have my GC filed with my current employer while my I140, I485 and I944 concurrent filing status is still pending with old employer. Will this affect and show any impact on my GC downgrade filing with previous employer (consultancy) or filing with current employer. And I am not sure if AC21 or supplement J portability can be used here. If it is okay to file GC and initiate PERM with current employer, do Job title on it should be similar to EB2 filing with old employer. And how much time do I have, before which I need to go back to old employer. If for some reason, If I couldn't find job on time or some other reasons, how would that affect. Please advise

User's Location: cleveland, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card