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I am on my H1_B Visa which is due for extension Jun 30 2021, I work as a contractor for state agency and I cannot apply for my extension right now as I am waiting for required documentation from client. My spouse is on H4 visa and working on H4 EAD. As you know the current duration for H4 EAD extension process is more than usual time. 1) Can we have apply for my spouse H4 EAD extension now and apply my H1B extension in premium processing along with H4 Visa(spouse) in May 2021? (Cannot get documents before May 2021) 2) My Spouse works for a state Agency (Nonprofit org) as a Full time Employee and there are ready provide any required documentation from there end in reference to her H4 EAD extension process.(Any documents from her client can expedite the process?) 3) Any other suggestions that will help in expedite our extension process ??

User's Location: Richmond, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card