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My I131+I765 Application was sent to USCIS on 12/10/20. My I485 AOS Application was sent on 10/27, and got the Receipt Notice on 12/7. My attorney requested for expedited processing of my I131 application since my dad was critically ill at that time. Now he's in ICU since 1/19 and after explaining my urgency to USCIS agent that day, I was told that I will get a call from an Immigration Office within next couple of days, which I haven't received yet. I've been requesting USCIS agents to at least schedule biometric appointment for me, but they're not accepting that either #If my dad passes away and need to travel, how will it impact my AOS application. Can my employer convert it for Consular processing, or the request must be initiated before leaving US #My L1A expire on 3/5, can I can work with receipt notice if I don't receive EAD by then #If I can't work with receipt notice, can I switch from L1A to H1B (I remember my employer exploring that option sometime last year) in order to be in working status post 3/5, or I can't do that since my AOS application is already submitted #Is Emergency Travel Doc a different card than regular AP, or will it be a typical regular EAD/AP combo card

User's Location: Rockville, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card