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Hello Ms, Indu, My current EAD expires on Feb 5th 2021. I applied for renewal and the application was applied on 10/28/2020. USPS tracking shows it was delivered to Texas Lockbox on Nov 5th,2020. I did not receive receipt notice yet . When I reached out to USCIS they said due to the current pandemic situation processing times are very slow and may take some time to receive the receipt notice itself. My current employer wants me to verify my I-9 before it expires. Wanted to check 1. If I do receive the receipt it in time, can I work without receipt ? 2. Is there a USCIS publication which states that I can work without the receipt notice for 180 days as my employer is mandating. 3.What are the current processing times ? Thanks Ravi

User's Location: Somerset, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card