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Hi, My GC case priority date is October 8th, 2009. I applied i-485 when my date became current in Feb 2012. Since then i have been working on EAD. In January 2021 bulletin my PD became current. My PERM in 2009 was applied with : SOC code 15-1032 (as per 2000 SOC codes) Occupation Title as Computer SW Engineers, Systems Software. Prevailing wage: $89,128 I have been working as Software Engineer since 2009 but I am currently pursuing a job with title Senior Systems Analyst OR Senior Business Systems Analyst as i am interested towards Systems Analysis to grow in my career. As i have been waiting for my GC since 11 years now, i am assuming we could change job or advance in career. Question: 1. As per AC21 portability act, will it be fine to change my job from Software Engineer Systems software(as per 2018 SOC code: 15-1252) TO Systems Analyst (as per 2018 SOC code : 15-1211) ? 2. If i get an RFE for employment verification, are we just supposed to file I-485J supplement using the new Job role details and title etc ?

User's Location: Boston, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card