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Situation - AOS/EAD/AP applications(EB3) were filed by end of OCT this year, receipt notices did not come yet H1/H4 both got extended till JAN 2023 but the Stamping expired in April 2020 Concern - We will need to travel to India due to family medical urgency & may not be possible to wait till we get the AP Need guidance on what should be the right course of action in this situation - If we travel to India before getting the AP & EAD will that cause any issue on pending AOS/EAD/AP applications? Can we travel without getting the Biometrics done & request to reschedule? Can we go for H1/H4 stamping and return on H1/H4 Visa? Will that impact the AOS & EAD/AP? Can we choose to stay on H1/H4 and travel multiple times till we have a valid H1/H4(JAN 2023)? If we get Emergency AP, can we return on H1/H4(newly stamped) and switch to EAD/AP later?

User's Location: Quincy, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card