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"I am working for a company X on a H1B visa. I have a valid I-797 from Jan 8 2019 to Sep 10 2021 . Unfortunately due to a personal emergency I had to travel back to my home country. Currently I am stuck here as Consulates are not open for Visa interviews. The interview slots are visible only from March2021. My spouse is currently in the US on a H1b visa.  I am trying for an emergency visa slot. But it is not looking promising.  I am worried that my company may not allow me to work from my home country for the next 3 months. I want to check what my options are: If I opt for loss of pay leave, will that be a problem during the H1b visa interview as I may not have latest pay stubs? Apart from company preference/rules, are there any US specific rules that may stop me from working from my home country?  Do you see any other options for me ?"

User's Location: Dallas, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card