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1. My green card is expiring in Jun-2021, I have applied it for renewal in Dec-2020. Online forums are showing as current processing time is 10-12 months. If I don't receive renewed green card before it's expiry date then I have below questions. a. Can I stay in country and work? b. Or do I need to leave country? c. Or can stay in country but can't work? d. Is there any way to expedite the process? e. What's the current processing time for GC renewal? 2. Can I travel outside of country while GC renewal is under processing? Before expiring GC or after expiring GC before it gets renewed? 3. I have already applied for citizenship in Aug-2020 and application status is still processing. Estimated time is 12 months from application. a. Where I will get more information about processing stages? b. If my citizenship application gets approved before I get green card renewed then do I need to inform USCIS about green card processing and citizenship? 4. Can I do 2 W2 jobs when holding Green Card? Both jobs are in different time zone and don't conflict with line of business. Thank you.

User's Location: Dublin, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card