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In October'20 me (on H1B) and my wife (on H4 and working on H4 EAD) applied for AOS. But unfortunately there is a death in my family in India and I want to go to India and got Emergency Advance Parole only for me (H1B). My question is: If I (H1B) travel out of USA and reenter using Advance Parole, my status will be Parole and I can continue working for the same H1B employer. what happens to my dependent who is in USA on H4 and to her H4 EAD? since I am actually not on H1B, and I am a parolee, does it make my H 4 dependent out of status and out of H4EAD? If my dependent becomes out of H4 status, what are the other options?

User's Location: Knoxville, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card