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Hello, I'm on H1B, my wife is on H4. I'll be filing I485 adjustment of status. I've question about my wife's birth certificate. Date of birth on her Birth certificate is 23 Mar 1987. This is her real birthday & present only on her birth certificate. Birth certificate has registration date of 27 Mar 1987. Something went wrong in her school registration at that time & 23 Sept 1986 was registered as her birth date in the school. Later this date got carried over in all her documentation. Her school records, passport, H4 visa, H4 EAD has this date on it. Now, we can not modify date on the Birth Certificate to match it on what is present in passport. She can not get no-record found certificate as her birth records exists. What are my options? how to justify different dates to USCIS? will an affidavit by her parents will work ? Thanks!

User's Location: Cary, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card