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I'm currently working on H4-EAD for Employer B and I had been employed in 2013 under my previous employer(A) who applied for my GC / I -140 in EB3. And employer(A) is willing to Apply for I-485 as I-140 EB3 date is current now. Questions/Clarification : 1.When i apply for I-1485 , can i be still employed with Empoyer-B on H4-EAD and while my I-485 is pending approval? And how long does this I-485 approval usually takes ? 2. when do we get the EAD Card ? 3. And untill what phase /status i need to be employed with Employer A who filed my I-485 ? Please share your comments & more details in this regard. Thanks,

User's Location: Tempe, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card