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Background: I am from India My Green card was filed in EB2 category. I am currently working in US on EAD which it is valid till Sep.2021. I am primary and my wife is my dependent and is also working on EAD.I filed my I-485 application in 2012, but the dates retrogressed and I received EAD,I had submitted all the documents that were asked at the time, and had also gone to local USCIS office for fingerprinting. My I485 is pending (AOS ). Current Scenario: My wife might need to travel to India in a a week or so, for an urgent matter. My Question: 1. Would there be a problem in GC processing, or can she be denied entry if priority date becomes current in next month’s visa bulletin, while my wife is still out of US. ( According to October 2020 visa bulletin, India’s EB2 cutoff is Sept 1 2009 in Date of Final Action chart, and I my priority date is Sept 21. 2009 ) .

User's Location: Hopkinton, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card