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Hello I am trying to see if my prior employer can file an adjustment (485) who is now acquired by another company. Here are the details. 1) i140 Approved with a Priority date of Feb 2011 with company ABC 2) I moved out of company ABC in 2015 3) i140 was not revoked by the company ABC. 4) Company ABC was acquired by the company XYZ 5) Company ABC was dissolved legally as an entity in JAN-2020(3 yrs after the acquisition) and all i140 for active employee ported to company XYZ. ( Not sure if my i140 was ported to XYZ) Questions 1) Will my i140 be still valid if XYZ agrees to file an adjustment? 2) If it is valid and XYZ agrees to file 485, do I have to be on their payroll before they file? 2) After 458 approval, how much time would it take to get a green card. I am on EB2 ( India) 3) Do I have to wait for the final action date to become current (which is SEP2009 now) 3) How much time does it take after the 485 is approved to get a green card.

User's Location: San JOse, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card