I am on a J-1 Research Scholar Visa, with annexed DS-2019 expiring on October 2020. My J-1 has no "2-years residency" restriction. In March 2020, I filed for an I-140 NIW-EB2, and shortly after for an I-140 adjustment of status, together with an I-765 "Application for Employment Authorization" for an "initial permission to accept employment". My eligibility code is (c)(9): "Adjustment Applicant under Section 245--(c)(9). File Form I-765 together with Form I-485 Application". It now seems unlikely that my new EAD will arrive before my DS-2019 expire. My employer has me on a contract that currently extend until 2026, and wish to keep me employed passed October 2020. What options do we have to prevent my current contract to end? In particular: could the contract be placed "on hold" until my EAD arrives, leaving me unemployed for just the "gap months"?

User's Location: San Francisco, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card