Hi I got EB1 filed by my company with priority date as Nov 2017.I had to move outside US in 2019 bcos my L1 extension got denied. My status now is I -140 approved and staying in India. As per Aug Visa bulletin dates have advanced to Feb 2018 and it is current for me now .Adding to it i have filed my L1 A visa again which is now petition approved and pending stamping due to consulate closure(covid) . I need your suggestion here for below doubts 1)Can i wait for my L1A visa to get stamped after consulate gets open and then i can travel to US and try for Filing I-485 whenever i land in US ? Will I be allowed by uscis to file 485 after i land in US say after an year from now? 2) As per you experience is Going through consulate process is advised and proved to be always successful and how much time it will take?

User's Location: Chennai, Alabama, India

Category: Employment-based Green Card