Hi Sir / Madam, I was on L1A visa. But due to a job situation (where my previous employer was planning to lay me off the job), I had to resign and immediately joined a new employer on EAD status as of 7/6 . The new job is almost the same job category (my previous designation was Project Manager and my new designation is Senior IT Project Manager). My previous employer has informed me that they will be not be withdrawing my I140 petition as it has been already approved and is more than 180 days since it was approved. My GC processing is active under EB1C category. My priority date (5/31/2017) is becoming current in August (in the next 10 days time) as per the August Visa bulletin. My GC interview process with USCIS is over and done with as of April 2019. I have few questions on the AC21 filing needs: Could you please help me ? 1. I would like to know if filing AC21 ( as i have changed my job on EAD) is mandatory? 2. Given that my job category is the same, is there any possibility for AC21 to be not accepted by USCIS or for triggering any RFE on my GC processing? 3. Is it advisable to wait and not file AC21 now as my Priority date is closer to being current in the next 10 days?

User's Location: San Jose, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card