Hello, My name is Venkat Padala, I am current resident of Omaha, NE. I am in H1B Visa. My recent visa got issued at Hyderabad consulate in April 2019. I am in H1B status since Mar 2006. Currently I am employed with an Insurance company since September 2012. I got below email from "Hyderabadfpu@state.gov". I am not sure how does this impact my current status here in Omaha. Can you please help me with this.My history is very clean, I don't have DUI as well. Also i am not associated with the companies you listed. Since September 2012, I am employed with an Insurance company here in Omaha. Before that I worked for System Soft Technologies, Flip Globe LLC and ETek It Services. In October 2019 , My title got changed and our company filed amendment, I got RFE for that in March 2020 and we responded to that RFE in June 2020 . Currently it is showing under process at USCIS website. The email i got is very generic and does not have any of my person details or case reference. Is this have any effect on work status here in USA ? I haven't informed this to my company ? Do i need to inform them ? Will I be going into illegal status ? Lots of questions ? Any help is highly appreciated. This

User's Location: Omaha, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card