My Employer filed I140 and it was approved on 25th Feb,2019. Unfortunately, the I140 was withdrawn by the employer on 3rd Oct,2019 due to some miscommunication. I filed my wife's H4 EAD on 24th Feb,2020 thinking my I140 is still intact. The EAD is still in received state on the USCIS website. My question is that whether my i140 is still valid or not? If I140 is not valid, do I need to file new I140 with the approved PERM when the previous I140 was filed? Or do I need to wait for my wife's EAD status results? I am sitll with the same employer who filed my I140 and withdrawn it. Another question is, will my wife's EAD will be rejected?

User's Location: Saint Louis, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card