Recently I was laid off on Jan 7 along with others. The separation document mentions Jan 7 as termination date and Feb 7 as separation date/employment end date. As I had requested for vacation in dec, I have been given unpaid leave of absence from Jan 7 to Feb 7. The company will reimburse me for health insurance for feb month and there will be no paystubs for period Jan 7 to Feb 7 as I will be on unpaid leave of absence. The company will notify USCIS once my leave of absence is completed after Feb 7. When I inquired the company they said I will still be employee until feb 7 i.e separation date. Can you please let me know when my grace period will start is it from termination date (Jan 7) or separation date(Feb 7).

User's Location: San Mateo, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card