I live in India and applied H1b through a US consultancy and it got approved as well. I am currently filling DS160 for stamping. The question I have is under the "Work/Education/Training" section it asks for "Present Employer". I currently work in India but my present employer has nothing to do with this H1b. They are not even aware of my H1b application. So I am confused about what I should fill for "Present Employer", "Start Date"(This date can't be a future date also) etc. Can I provide the current employer name which I am working with currently or should it be my petitioner name i should put as "present employer" . Would it be illegal to hide the fact that i am working india for a different employer? Everything else except this is just fine with visa. I have all the valid documents, I will be getting a job position as soon as I land in the US also I have a client invitation letter from the employer who will be offering the job in the US Thanks, Hound

User's Location: Bangalore, India

Category: Employment-based Green Card