Sir, This is K.V.Raghavaiah and I worked in US through H1B during the tenure Aug 2008 to Sept 2009. I went to my native country India, and got my visa extension till June 30 2012 and got visa (visa stamping in my passport) for the same period. But, I didn't return to USA and my employer didn't revoke the petition. The petition number is EAC0920752040. My wife currently working in US on L1B visa and I also came with dependent visa. I worked in US from Feb 2019 to Dec 1 2019 with L2 EAD. I applied for L2 extension having receipt date (Aug 9 2019) EAD renewal having receipt date ( Sept 4 2019) and didn't receive the renewal yet. It looks like both L2 extension and EAD renewal might take another 3 months. Since 3 months is long time, I am thinking of transferring my old H1 B petition. I have following questions 1) Is it possible to transfer my H1B now ( since I haven't used all the 6 years of H1B tenure) 2) During transfer if there is RFE or Rejection, should I have to leave US? 3) What happens to my L2 extension and EAD renewal which are In progress? 4) My spouse employer just started GC process and will that be affected?

User's Location: Nashville, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card