My spouse and I got married before my I-1485 approval, so my spouse applied separately for I-485 based on my I-140 approval . I got my green card 4 months ago, and planning to change my employer. Will my spouse I-485 application (still pending) be effected since my I-140 was from my current employer ?. Should my new employer provide any document to support my spouse application? Timeline: - My I-140 got approved: Dec 3rd, 2018 - My spouse and I got married: March 9, 2019 - My I-485 got approved: July 11, 2019 - My spouse applied to I-485, I-765, I-130: July 25, 2019 - My spouse I-765 and I-130 got approved: Nov 7, 2019 - My spouse I-485: Pending Thank you.

User's Location: San Mateo, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card