Hi, I'm looking for some guidance regarding my trip to India. Given the situation below, could you please let me know if it's ok to make the trip or it's better to avoid the trip? Situation: - I'm currently working in Company A on H1-B visa extension (after getting I-140 approval). - I have recently accepted an offer from Company B. - Tentative H1-B transfer approval date from Company B is around Dec 6 2019. - I'll give notice at Company A after H1-B transfer approval and my tentative last day there will be Jan 3 2020. - My tentative start date at Company B will be Jan 6 2020. - I'm planning a trip to India from Dec 19 2019 to Jan 1 2020 (tentative dates). Questions: - When re-entering USA, I'll have two active H1-Bs (one from Company A & second from Company B). Will that be an issue? - At the immigration when re-entering USA, what should I answer when asked about current job & company? Which H1-B approval notice should I show to the border patrol officer? - Is there any immigration related risk with me taking the trip? I'm willing to cancel my India trip should you recommend so based on any immigration/re-entry concern. Please advise. Thanks!!

User's Location: Mountain View, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card