I am from India and on L-1A visa which is expiring on Sep 26, 2020. I have an approved EB2 I140 with Dec 16,2013 PD. I also have my EB1 I140 petition pending for approval with USCIS with a PD of Feb 14,2019(RFE was responded by my employer last month). Both I-140 petitions are from the same employer. I have below questions wrt above context: a) Can I file my EB1 I-485 application now with the earlier PD(dates are current) while I am waiting for EB1 I140 petition approval? b) Is there a risk in filing the I485 application before the EB1 I140 petition is approved? c)What's the tentative timeline for me to get the EAD card and green card if I can file my I485 application by next month? d)Should I include my medicals in the I485 application as it is valid for 2 years now? e)Since I am not filing the I 485 application concurrent,should I include the I485 Supplement J along with the application?

User's Location: Hillsborough, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card