I was an employee with company A, got H1b approved till Sept 2020. So my I94 is valid till Sept 2020. Next, I joined company B, initiated my visa transfer and started working on receipt notice from Feb 2019 (Company A has revoked its visa in May 2019). Today I got denial for transfer to Company B. Meanwhile I got an offer from company C. Below are my questions: 1. Since my I94 is valid till 2020, can I start transferring my visa to company C in premium process? 2. Can I join company C on receipt notice? 3. Do I need to travel back to my home country before joining company C? 4. Am I out of status right now? 5. If I stay in USA and wait for visa approval for company C, will it affect my green card process in future?

User's Location: Sacramento, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card