Hi, me and my spouse are working for same company X. I am on H1 and she is working on H4 EAD and on Oct 23, her H1-new COS through same employer got approved as well. When her H1 application was in process, her H4 extension and EAD renewal was also filed as it will expire in January( my extension is filed too). Our company X sent the I539 and I765 to USCIS as a courtesy and does not assist with any processing related assistance or queries further. Q1: As her H1 COS got approved this year, can I withdraw the H4 extension and EAD renewal applications from USCIS without impacting her H1 validity? Q2: If yes, is there any specific form to be submitted or letter to the service center along with receipt notice copies for H4 and EAD will do ? (The help document in USCIS website says we should be reach out to the service center that is processing the application. ) Please suggest. Thank you.

User's Location: Raleigh, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card