I am currently on H1B visa - Please find the details of my situation below: - I started working for Company A - Client A from Dec 2016 on H1B which was filed for Client A and valid until 13-Nov 2019 - I visited India in April 2018 and have a visa stamping and i94 valid till 23 Nov 2019. - My assignment changed from Client A to Client B in April 2019 - Company A has issued me a new assignment letter instead of an amendment being filed since client B is in the same metro area. - While I am working on a project for Client B - they have filed for an H1B extension for the project with client B in August 2019 in premium processing - The visa extension got denial notice based on speciality occupation(my job does not match the speciality skills expected for H1B) on 10- Oct 2019 and my company received the notice on 23-Oct 2019. Clarification Needed: - For how long am I eligible to stay in the country - 1. 14 days after the official denial notice - 7-Nov or 2. 13-Nov as per my previous petition filed for Client A - I am currently on Loss of Pay and not allowed to work anymore for Client B and there is no job requirement for Client A as of now. 3. 23-Nov as per my i94 - Am I allowed to g

User's Location: Atlanta, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card