Hello Andrew, I have I-140 (EB3) with my previous employer which is still active. I moved to another(current) employer who filed my Green Card under EB2 porting the old priority date using I-140(EB3). Now both I-140's are active(not revoked). I need few clarifications to below questions to proceed with I-485 filing (both mine & my spouse). - Is my I-140(EB3) with previous employer is still valid to file I-485 (as NOT AN EMPLOYEE) after I port the same priority date to EB2 with my current employer? - Once 485 is filed with old employer and EAD is approved, can I work with my current employer on H1 & my wife on H4-EAD and maintain approved Green Card EAD's? - While waiting for Green Card (after EAD) under EB3, can I file I-485 again with current employer under EB2 (if the final action dates moving faster than EB3 and become current) and maintain both applications with different employers simultaneously? - We already have Birth certificates from our home country but instead of full LAST NAME the document has initials according to my high school certificates. Will this become a problem during the process? - Is it mandatory to work with employer for 6 months after GC approved?

User's Location: Guilderland, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card