I am preparing the form of I-485 for me and my wife. Should I include a I-20 that acquired in 2006 which has never been used for getting VISA stamp? The I-20 is currently lost. My wife applied to a ESL class of Boston University in 2006 and she eventually did not come to the US to study. Therefore, although she received this I-20, she has never used it nor apply for F1 VISA stamp. Since this I-20 is missing, what should we do about it when preparing I-485? Should we ignore this I-20 and only report all the rest of I-20 that have been used to entry the US? Or Should we disclose it and include a affidavit for explanation? My I-140 has been approved in the category of NIW. Citizenship: Taiwan

User's Location: Clayton, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card