I had filed I 485 in December 2018 for both myself and my wife in EB3 category . We received an RFE regarding our Birth Certificates because we did not give any at the time of filing .We had given a Letter from the Indian Consulate and 2 affidavits from Mother and Uncle stating that our Birth Records are not available because that was our belief at the time .On getting the RFE, however, it turns out that our Birth Records are indeed available and Birth certificates can be provided although with variations in names for Mother and Father (Mahesh instead of MaheshCHANDRA in First name of father and middle name of the mother ).All other facts on BC are matching as in Form I485. My question is can I provide supplement affadavits from the same people who provided the original affadavits to explain the variation in name (Clerical Practice Really) , along with Birth Certificates ofcourse and other secondary evidence Hostipal and School Records ? I do not want to provide a fresh affadavit and leave the old one hanging loose with a falsified statement that the Birth Records are not available. Also more fresh affidavits from new people can get really confusing for USCIS . Please advise

User's Location: Detroit, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card