Hi, I have been working for an employer A as a contractor for a client. when the client project is over employer A has revoked my H1B on 15 Dec 17. Meanwhile I have received an offer from another employer (B) and they have filed H1b for an in-house project on 11 Jan 18 which was denied on 25 July 18. As soon as I have been informed about the denial, I have travelled out of USA on 29 July 18. Now, another employer C has filed an H1b on consular process and its approved . I am planning to go stamping. Q1)what should I answer the below question in DS160 form "Have you ever been unlawfully present, overstayed the amount of time granted by an immigration official or otherwise violated the terms of a U.S visa ?" Q2) since my initial visa was revoked by employer and my transfer was initiated after 20 days which was denied after six months. Does all this seven months treated as unlawfull present or the four days after 25th July is considered as unlawful Q3)will there be any problems if I answer as NO for Q1 in DS160 Q4)If I had to answer yes , could you give me some tips on how better can I support my case for a successful visa and any additional documents I can present to Visa Officer

User's Location: Hyderabad, India

Category: Employment-based Green Card