Hi, I am from India and have an l1A visa ending dec14 2019, however my petition end date is Nov 6 2019. I got my visa stamped in dec 2016, but came to US only in Jan 6 2019. I have used only 11 months when i go for extensionin Nov. I have a EB2 priority date of june 2012. I am pursuing my employer to file my EB1-140 in premium mode. I expect to get a response by Sep end. So if i have the priority date in 2012, i should be eligible to file 485 in Oct. Given below are my questions: 1. Can i skip applying for extension in November if i apply 485 before it? 2. If i end up applying for extension in November and get my i140 approval post extension filing. can i file 485 and withdraw the extension petition? Is it advisable? i am hearing that lot of L1 with pending 485 are denied.. so thinking to withdraw? 3. If my date is current (jun 2012), how soon will the 485 be processed? Since all actions are tobe taken in my case, what is the advice from your end to go forward? going for L1 A extension or filing for 485?

User's Location: hoboken, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card