Hello, thanks in advance - Situation: Completed 5 yrs on employment based GC in Aug 2019 Doing part-time MBA along with work from Aug 2016-Dec 2019 Lost job (layoff) in Mar 2019 Unemployed from Mar-June 2019, but still attending part time MBA school; claimed CA state Unemployment Insurance (EDD) Internship from June-Aug 2019 Unemployed from Aug 2019 on, but still attending part-time MBA school and have job offer starting July 2020 Filing n-400 for naturalization in Aug 2019 Questions: 1> In n-400, part 8, do I need to explicitly mention periods of unemployment (above), even though I was attending part-time business school during those periods ? 2> Should I wait till I am employed to file n-400 ? 3> Is H1-B considered a non-immigrant visa for the selective service question? If I was in US before the age of 26, but on H1-B, how should I answer the selective service question ? 4> I had a speeding ticket back in 2010. I paid the fine and did an online driversEd course. Now I can't find the paper ticket. I called DMV and the court and neither can locate the record. How do I respond to part 12 - Qs 22, 23, 24, 25, 29? 5> May I travel abroad while n400 is filed and pending?

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