I am an Iranian(with travel ban restrictions) came to US with F1 visa in 2012.Currently, I hold a master's degree in Medical physics with 4.5 years work experience and I got my H1B in 10/01/2016.I make $62K currently. My employer’s lawyer sent a wage request for SOC 25-1054 physics teachers,postsecondary level I but DOL has given the PWD level 2 with $95K.The difference is too much for my employer to match.Lawyer suggest request of reconsideration;I got my H1B in 2016 with SOC 19-1042 as Medical scientist, except epidemiologists.Then when I changed my employer to current one in 2017,current employer filed SOC 19-2012 Physicist for H1B transfer.The wages for physicist I position are much higher than my current salary so that is not an option in for PWD.What I do also is not matching the Physics teacher category skill because I do not teach/prepare lessons,I am afraid I face issues at the end of perm and during I140 per my duties.My research shows that SOC 19-1042 as Medical scientist, except epidemiologists includes Medical physics major.Do you think My lawyer submit a reconsideration request or apply for a new PWD for medical scientist job title?What are your second thoughts?

User's Location: Boston, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card