Hi, My H1B visa and i94 are expiring on 14 September 2019 which is currently sponsored by Company A. Company A filed for a visa extension in July with premium processing. I got mutiuple RFE's for the extension on August 6th. Now company B is ready sponsor and wants to file H1B visa transfer in premium processing by 23 August 2019 and company C(strong company) is also ready to sponsor and wants to file a visa transfer in premium processing by September 19th(after September 14 - Visa expired). My spouse has a h1b visa but no greeencard/i140. I have not completed my 6 years of h1b yet. Does three ref’s in a H1B extension case impact other filed H1B cases - transfer cases? If company B files a h1b transfer and ends up getting an RFE. Will that impact the transfer petition that company C will file after September 14th? Can I continue working for Company A after September 14th(visa extension rfe is in process) and let Company C file a H1B transfer in premium by September 19th? If company C h1b transfer gets approved. Can I start working at company C without any issues? Should I disclose the information regarding the multiple rfe’s I have for H1B extension to Company B and Comp Thanku

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Category: Employment-based Green Card